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MAGAZINES – Music, Audio and Production

One Mic? No Problem! Getting the most out of one mic – Recording Magazine
Share the Creativity: Getting into co-writing – Recording Magazine
Which Came First, the Chicken or the Monitors? – Recording Magazine
Don’t Wait. Create! – Recording Magazine
Recording Studio Feng Shui – Recording Magazine
Choosing a Mic: The Mic For You… – Recording Magazine
In-Person Recording Sessions: Let’s Get Together! – Recording Magazine
Following the Competition (aka chasing music trends) – Recording Magazine
The Value of Real Musical Instruments in the Time of Computer Magic – Recording Magazine
Finishing Touches: Tips for finishing more songs – Recording Magazine
Swiss Army Recording Rooms – Recording Magazine
Mix Fu – Recording Magazine
Do You Need That Upgrade? – Recording Magazine
Chasing the Timeless Sound – Recording Magazine
Recording Piano Wrong – Recording Magazine
Art Vs. Science in Mixing – and Life? – Recording Magazine
Favorite DAW? Pshaw! – Recording Magazine
It’s All About The Room – Recording Magazine
Feeding Back – Recording Magazine
Could It Be The Drums? – Recording Magazine
Stretching The Budget – Recording Magazine
Mastering Your Own Domain – Recording Magazine
It’s A Small World After All – Recording Magazine
Turn It Down, Sonny! – Recording Magazine
Master The Craft And The Art Will Follow – Recording Magazine
A Transformative Weekend (A report from the Taxi Rally) – Recording Magazine
Capturing Your Voice (Vocal recording at home) – Recording Magazine
Changing Of The (Pick) Guard (Guitar use in modern music) – Recording Magazine
File This (File types in music recording) – Recording Magazine
Roll Your Own (Building your own studio computer) – Recording Magazine
Tweak Your Own (Studio computer optimization) – Recording Magazine
Keeping Track (Meta-tagging and the data you need to keep) – Recording Magazine
Caging The Beast (How to mic pianos) – Recording Magazine
Tune That Room (The art of DIY acoustic treatment) – Recording Magazine
Keeping The Rhythm (DIY drums – part 1 – acoustic) – Recording Magazine
Keeping The Rhythm (DIY drums – part 2 – programming) – Recording Magazine
Studio Deliverables – Recording Magazine
Listen Different – Recording Magazine
Listen Before Spending – Recording Magazine
The Importance Of Going Outside – Recording Magazine
Gift Giving For People Who Love Recordists – Recording Magazine
The Evolution Of Evolutionary Mixing – Recording Magazine
Bringing Traffic To Your Music Website – Computer Music Magazine, Vol. 28
Building An Effective Music Website – Computer Music Magazine, Vol. 28
The Linux Based Recording Studio – Linux Journal
The Art of EQ – Cubase Newsletter

ONLINE – Music, Audio and Production

Top Five Considerations when Mixing Orchestral Music – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
How to EQ Guitars – Acoustic Vs. Electric – FlyPaper by Soundfly.com
Can’t Gig? Alternative income for musicians – CarvinAudio.com
6 Tips for Recording Better Vocals at Home – CarvinAudio.com
What is Audio Summing? – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
3 Simple Setups for Your Solo Act (or Duo!) – CarvinAudio.com
Love Doing Outdoor Events? A Portable P.A. Will Help – CarvinAudio.com
3 Great DAWs for Podcast Editing – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
Protecting Your Hearing in the Studio – CarvinAudio.com
Setting Up a Home Studio? You CAN Deal with Acoustics – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
Protecting Your Hearing on Stage – CarvinAudio.com
10 Incredible Synths for Sale on Reverb Right Now – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
What Not to Buy: How to Stretch Your Home Studio Budget Wisely – FlyPaper by Soundfly.com
What is a Record Label? – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
How to Beat Writer’s Block – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
Mastering Good Stage Organization – CarvinAudio.com
The Abbey Road Trick and Friends – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
Start With the Drums: Cleaning Up Your Stage Sound from the Ground Up – CarvinAudio.com
6 Tips for Audio Mixing on the Go – Flypaper by Soundfly
Proper Stage Volume: Why (and How) You Might Want to Turn Your Amp Down on Stage – CarvinAudio.com
5 Creative Ways to Use Delay in a Mix – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
How to Calibrate a Studio Subwoofer – CarvinAudio.com
8 Pitfalls to Avoid While Building Your Music Business – SonicScoop.com
Mixing in Headphones: Is it Possible? – CarvinAudio.com
The Rhythmic Turnaround: How to make your beats interesting – SupremeTracks.com
Everything You Need to Know About Picking Audio Cables – Flypaper by Soundfly
The 5 Best Reverb Plugins Compared – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
Making Money in Music is Scary – Subscriptions May Help – ReBilly.com
Signal Flow Part 1 – CarvinAudio.com
Signal Flow Part 2 – CarvinAudio.com
How to Record Your Grandma’s 115 Year-Old Upright Piano – Flypaper by Soundfly.com
In Studio: Track Band Together, Or Separately? – CarvinAudio.com
6 Tips For Better Home Vocal Recording – CarvinAudio.com
How To Calibrate A Studio Subwoofer – CarvinAudio.com
Limited To Outdoor Events? A Portable PA Will Help – CarvinAudio.com
3 Simple Setups for Your Solo or Duo Act – CarvinAudio.com
Protecting Your Hearing In The Studio – CarvinAudio.com
Protecting Your Hearing On Stage – CarvinAudio.com
Quick Home Studio Acoustics Primer – CarvinAudio.com
Mixing With Headphones – Is It Possible? – CarvinAudio.com
Building A Compelling Set – CarvinAudio.com
Making The Most Out Of Not Much Gear – CarvinAudio.com
Writer’s Block 101 For Musicians – CarvinAudio.com
5 Ways To Pare Down A Song – CarvinAudio.com
Can’t Gig? Alternative Income For Live Musicians – CarvinAudio.com
Keeping Your Stage Organized – CarinAudio.com
Start With The Drums: Cleaning Up Your Stage Sound From The Ground Up – CarvinAudio.com
Why (And How) You Might Want To Turn Your Amp Down On Stage – CarvinAudio.com
Tips For Setting Up Quickly On Stage – CarvinAudio.com
What’s The Big Deal About In-Ear Monitors? – CarvinAudio.com
The Golden Ratio In Sound – CarvinAudio.com
Vocal Gain Staging – CarvinAudio.com
5 Creative Ways To Use Delay In Your Mix – FlyPaper by Soundfly.com
Beating Writer’s Block – FlyPaper by Soundfly.com
What Not to Buy: How to Stretch Your Home Studio Budget Wisely – FlyPaper by Soundfly.com
Share The Spoils Or Pay Up Front? – SonicScoop.com
8 Major Pitfalls To Avoid When Building Your Music Career – SonicScoop.com
How To Legally Use Copyrighted Music On YouTube: The Ultimate Guide – Lickd.co
Music licensing for YouTube videos: Everything you need to know – Lickd.co
What Does Copyright Mean In Music? – Lickd.co
How To Tell If A Song Is Copyrighted? – Lickd.co
What Is Free Public Domain Music And Where To Find It – Lickd.co
What does royalty free mean and why creators need to know – Lickd.co
How To Edit Dialogue Sequences Faster In Post Production – Rev.com (ghostwritten)

ONLINE – Entertainment and Streaming

Stream TV Review – Soda.com
Apple Music vs. Spotify – Soda.com
Amazon Music vs. Apple Music – Soda.com
Disney+ Review – Reviews.com
FuboTV Review – Reviews.com
Amazon Prime Review – Reviews.com
YouTube TV vs. Hulu – AllConnect.com
Peacock Launch and Everything We Know – Soda.com
Xfinity Stream review – Soda.com
Deezer review – Soda.com
Best Free Video Streaming Services – Soda.com
Best Streaming Service DVRs – Soda.com
SiriusXM Review – Soda.com
Nvidia Streaming Devices Review – Soda.com
Hulu + Live TV vs Sling TV – Soda.com
How To Watch VR Videos On Oculus – OpticsGamer.com

ONLINE – Information Technology, SaaS, FinTech, and Marketing

How Did the Consumer Products Market Fair in 2021? – Alix Partners
Is infrastructure hardware-as-a-service destined for niche markets?Alix Partners
Helping Hands Orillia Case Study – AlayaCare
Which software testing staffing model is right for you? – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
How will test automation shape the future of QA? – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
Tracking the Rise of the Digital Payment Industry – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
As Layoffs Change the Tech Landscape, Flexible Staffing Models Become More Critical – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
What is Moderated Usability Testing? – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
A Guide to Payment Testing: Definition and Use Cases – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
Is Automated Functional Testing the Best Place to Start Your Journey? – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
Adult and Pediatrics Orthopedics Cyber Security Case Study – AccessOneInc.com
DePaul College Prep Wireless Infrastructure Case Study – AccessOneInc.com
vMix Vs. OBS: Which is Better for Live Streaming? – Zype.com
Common Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities – Safous.com
Mitigating Cloud Computing Security Risks – EnterpriseVisions.com
How Vertek Services Can Help You Accelerate To Value – Vertek
Ethereum vs. Flow: Deciding on The Right Blockchain for Your NFT Project – Alchemy.com
How Environmentally-Responsible Printing Can Improve Your Bottom Line – Pharos.com
What does ICT Channel Consolidation Mean for Customers? – Xceptional.com (ghostwritten)
How to Make Enterprise Mobile Printing Easy and Secure – Pharos.com (ghostwritten)
How You Can Improve Your Next Facility Construction Project – JP Global Digital
The Importance of Open Source Software for Businesses – Park Bench Solutions
5 OTT Examples to Get You Inspired – MazSystems.com
The Rise of Video on Demand – MazSystems.com
Bitrate vs. Resolution: Which Makes More Difference in Streaming? – MazSystems.com
Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Explained – MazSystems.com
How to Embed a Livestream on Your Website – MazSystems.com
vMix Vs. OBS: Which is Better for Live Streaming? – MazSystems.com
Multi-Camera Livestreaming: A Simple Guide – MazSystems.com

ONLINE – Entrepreneurship and Business

Own Up to Your Mistakes: How and Why You Must Report Errors to Your Clients – Fiverr.com
Even For Seasoned Pros, COVID-19 Has Changed Working From Home – Seema.com
What P&C Insurers Can Learn From Auto Telematics – CarrierManagement.com

ONLINE – Pest Control

Bed Bugs FAQ – VikingPest.com
Squirrels FAQ – VikingPest.com
Cockroaches FAQ – VikingPest.com
Bed Bug K9 Detection – VikingPest.com
Sow Bugs – VikingPest.com
Delaware – VikingPest.com
Termites – Maryland – VikingPest.com
Rats – Maryland – VikingPest.com
Racoons FAQ – VikingPest.com
Bats – Maryland – VikingPest.com
Get A Free Estimate – VikingPest.com
Beetles – New Jersey – VikingPest.com
Cockroaches – Maryland – VikingPest.com
Beetles – Pennsylvania – VikingPest.com
Cockroaches – Pennsylvania – VikingPest.com
Beetles – Delaware – VikingPest.com
Spotted Lantern Fly – Maryland – VikingPest.com
Rats – Delaware – VikingPest.com
Cockroaches – Delaware – VikingPest.com
Cockroaches – New Jersey – VikingPest.com
Howell, NJ, Monmouth County – VikingPest.com
Morristown, NJ Morris County – VikingPest.com
Bridgewater, NJ, Somerset County – VikingPest.com
Beetles, Maryland – VikingPest.com
Toms River, NJ, Ocean County – VikingPest.com
Levittown, PA, Bucks County – VikingPest.com

ONLINE – Home Security

ADT vs. Abode – Safety.com
SimpliSafe vs. Brinks – Safety.com
SimpliSafe vs. Guardian Protection – Safety.com
Frontpoint vs. Guardian – Safety.com
Brinks vs. Frontpoint – Safety.com
Frontpoint vs. Abode – Safety.com
Best Home Security Systems In San Diego – Safety.com
Cities With High Rates Of Vehicle Thefts – Safety.com
The Best Baby Carriers – Safety.com

ONLINE – Fitness

Why You Shouldn’t Kill It Every Day – Seema.com
Home Workouts During The Pandemic – Seema.com

ONLINE – Guest Blogs

The Process Or: How To Birth A Devil Art Baby – DielleMusic.com
Don’t Call Me The C-Word: Achieving Balance by Defining Yourself – CFLF.org