Sample: Aaron J. Trumm “Woo!” Press Release

This is a press release written for my record label about a release I had coming out – yes I wrote about myself. Sometimes such a thing is necessary! Some contact data has been removed for the purposes of this sample.

Contact:  NQuit Music, LLC
Tel. ***-***-****
E-Mail: ****@nquit.com


Veteran Performer/Producer Releases New Video With Free Download


Aaron J. Trumm has just released “Woo!”.  The single includes a lyric based music video and a free download of the track.  “Woo!” is another of Trumm’s celebrations of life after surviving double lung transplant surgery in July 2013.

Trumm is offering free downloads to of “Woo!” to anyone at the release page aarontrumm.com/****

“Woo! is a song I wrote in response to professional requests for tunes about a brand new day.  It was a rare moment where I was actually inspired by the idea of a theme that somebody wanted for an ad or a happy dappy TV show.  I realized we could actually have some fun!”

Woo! is the second of a growing series of Patreon releases, and will be featured at his new Patreon page at ****.com/AaronJTrumm.

As one reviewer said, “Aaron’s blending of hip-hop beats, rock n roll riffs, R&B melodies, rapping and vocals makes his music part of the un-genre typified by artists such as Gorillaz and Stereo MCs, as well as Digital Underground, Outkast and The Roots (for old skool junkies).”  Throw in a dash of Johnny Cash and Rage Against The Machine, and you have Aaron J. Trumm.


For questions, interviews or to contact Aaron directly, use official email or phone: