Miscellaneous Samples

Here you can find samples of my writing work in other areas – here you’ll find all kinds of niches from fitness to bug control! You’ll find blogs, email series, press releases, video scripts – you name it!

If you’re looking for something else or have questions, feel free to reach out – aaron @ aarontrumm.com


Email Series

3 Email SequenceJP Global Digital
Email BlastJP Global Digital
Provisioning Email SeriesPark Bench Solutions
Customer Support Email SequencePark Bench Solutions
IQ Trip Deal Engagement EmailsIQTrip.com
Business Travel Group Deal Engagement Emails – Business Travel Group

Landing Pages

Business Class Italian Wine Tour Landing Page – Business Travel Group
Business Class Reactivation Campaign Region Landing Pages – Business Travel Group
CCaaS & UCaaS Landing PageCommQuotes
Business Broadband Internal Page – CommQuotes

Case Studies

AlayaCare – Helping Hands Orillia
AccessOne – Adult and Pediatrics Orthopedics Cyber Security Case Study
AccessOne – DePaul College Prep Wireless Infrastructure Case Study

Press Releases

Robbie Tucker “Blue Candy” Press Release
Livin’ Is Bling Local Press Release
Aaron J. Trumm “Woo!” Press Release
Livin Is Bling and Transplant Games of America Press Release

Video Scripts

Maldives Video Voice Over Script (Edit)IQTrip/Business Travel Group
1 Minute Video ScriptJP Global Digital

Tutorials, Video Descriptions, Etc.

This Mocha Tracking Tutorial Will Give You SuperpowersSchoolOfMotion.com

Social Media, About Pages, Etc

RaveFree About Page

Blogs and Articles

Entertainment and Streaming

Stream TV Review – Soda.com
Apple Music vs. Spotify – Soda.com
Amazon Music vs. Apple Music – Soda.com
Disney+ Review – Reviews.com
FuboTV Review – Reviews.com
Amazon Prime Review – Reviews.com
YouTube TV vs. Hulu – AllConnect.com
Peacock Launch and Everything We Know – Soda.com
Xfinity Stream review – Soda.com
Deezer review – Soda.com
Best Free Video Streaming Services – Soda.com
Best Streaming Service DVRs – Soda.com
SiriusXM Review – Soda.com
Nvidia Streaming Devices Review – Soda.com
Hulu + Live TV vs Sling TV – Soda.com
How To Watch VR Videos On Oculus – OpticsGamer.com

Information Technology, SaaS, FinTech, and Marketing

How Did the Consumer Products Market Fair in 2021? – Alix Partners
Is infrastructure hardware-as-a-service destined for niche markets? – Alix Partners
Helping Hands Orillia Case Study – AlayaCare
Which software testing staffing model is right for you? – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
How will test automation shape the future of QA? – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
Tracking the Rise of the Digital Payment Industry – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
As Layoffs Change the Tech Landscape, Flexible Staffing Models Become More Critical – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
What is Moderated Usability Testing? – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
A Guide to Payment Testing: Definition and Use Cases – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
Is Automated Functional Testing the Best Place to Start Your Journey? – Testlio.com (ghostwritten)
Adult and Pediatrics Orthopedics Cyber Security Case Study – AccessOneInc.com
DePaul College Prep Wireless Infrastructure Case Study – AccessOneInc.com
vMix Vs. OBS: Which is Better for Live Streaming? – Zype.com
Common Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities – Safous.com
Mitigating Cloud Computing Security Risks – EnterpriseVisions.com
How Vertek Services Can Help You Accelerate To Value – Vertek
Ethereum vs. Flow: Deciding on The Right Blockchain for Your NFT Project – Alchemy.com
How Environmentally-Responsible Printing Can Improve Your Bottom Line – Pharos.com
What does ICT Channel Consolidation Mean for Customers? – Xceptional.com (ghostwritten)
How to Make Enterprise Mobile Printing Easy and Secure – Pharos.com (ghostwritten)
How You Can Improve Your Next Facility Construction Project – JP Global Digital
The Importance of Open Source Software for Businesses – Park Bench Solutions
5 OTT Examples to Get You Inspired – MazSystems.com
The Rise of Video on Demand – MazSystems.com
Bitrate vs. Resolution: Which Makes More Difference in Streaming? – MazSystems.com
Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Explained – MazSystems.com
How to Embed a Livestream on Your Website – MazSystems.com
vMix Vs. OBS: Which is Better for Live Streaming? – MazSystems.com
Multi-Camera Livestreaming: A Simple Guide – MazSystems.com

Entrepreneurship and Business

Own Up to Your Mistakes: How and Why You Must Report Errors to Your Clients – Fiverr.com
Even For Seasoned Pros, COVID-19 Has Changed Working From Home – Seema.com
What P&C Insurers Can Learn From Auto Telematics – CarrierManagement.com

Pest Control

Bed Bugs FAQ – VikingPest.com
Squirrels FAQ – VikingPest.com
Cockroaches FAQ – VikingPest.com
Bed Bug K9 Detection – VikingPest.com
Sow Bugs – VikingPest.com
Delaware – VikingPest.com
Termites – Maryland – VikingPest.com
Rats – Maryland – VikingPest.com
Racoons FAQ – VikingPest.com
Bats – Maryland – VikingPest.com
Get A Free Estimate – VikingPest.com
Beetles – New Jersey – VikingPest.com
Cockroaches – Maryland – VikingPest.com
Beetles – Pennsylvania – VikingPest.com
Cockroaches – Pennsylvania – VikingPest.com
Beetles – Delaware – VikingPest.com
Spotted Lantern Fly – Maryland – VikingPest.com
Rats – Delaware – VikingPest.com
Cockroaches – Delaware – VikingPest.com
Cockroaches – New Jersey – VikingPest.com
Howell, NJ, Monmouth County – VikingPest.com
Morristown, NJ Morris County – VikingPest.com
Bridgewater, NJ, Somerset County – VikingPest.com
Beetles, Maryland – VikingPest.com
Toms River, NJ, Ocean County – VikingPest.com
Levittown, PA, Bucks County – VikingPest.com

Home Security

ADT vs. Abode – Safety.com
SimpliSafe vs. Brinks – Safety.com
SimpliSafe vs. Guardian Protection – Safety.com
Frontpoint vs. Guardian – Safety.com
Brinks vs. Frontpoint – Safety.com
Frontpoint vs. Abode – Safety.com
Best Home Security Systems In San Diego – Safety.com
Cities With High Rates Of Vehicle Thefts – Safety.com
The Best Baby Carriers – Safety.com


Why You Shouldn’t Kill It Every Day – Seema.com
Home Workouts During The Pandemic – Seema.com

Guest Blogs

The Process Or: How To Birth A Devil Art Baby – DielleMusic.com
Don’t Call Me The C-Word: Achieving Balance by Defining Yourself – CFLF.org